European SCHOOL Chess Championships - GIRLS 11 (2012)

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CountryGreece fed
Date2012, June 12nd
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Chess games from this tournament for viewing and download will be available soon.


Only players with Chess-DB profiles are shown in the list. ELO and other data are players' actual data, not the one at the time of the tournament.

#IDNameTitleFedEloNElo BornGClub/City#Trns
02915405Viktoria Radeva WCMfed194918882001 Plovdiv103
124164828Alina Beshukova fed186602002 -33
224159182Galina Krapivina fed185817002001 -49
36351700Cagil Irmak Arda WCMfed182202001 -41
46346022Duru Okuyaz WCMfed180702002 Mersin65
524167975Anastasia Glebova fed179302002 -24
634136034Valeria Teryaeva fed175417002001 -28
724188387Elena Badzgaradze fed175002002 -36
86359531Sude Hereklioglu WCMfed174202002 -61
96351743Ece Ozbay WCMfed165402001 -37
106358942Fevziye Ece Altinoz fed154302001 -17
1124188476Arisha Shtypel fed137602002 -17
124236319Despina Papaefstratiou fed119210102001 -63


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