About is the biggest, as well as the most complete chess games, tournaments and players database. It's updated daily, and all statistics presented on the site are computed realtime (except the engine analyses of games).

The main purpose of is to offer you a wide choice of chess tools and services which suppport you in studying and improving your chess skills as well as preparing for chess tournaments. Our goal is to give an access to high quality, unique and innovative chess services which support you doing things you couldn't do before and studying chess in ways you weren't able to.

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Players and Games Database

The database of indexed players is compiled from various sources and updated frequently to reflect the latests changes in players' status, ELO rating, games, history and statistics. Currently the player database contains 1623609 chess profiles in total. Out of those 781204 are FIDE registered players (both rated players and such not yet having ELO rating), and additionally 842405 active players registered only in their national chess federations (details and drill down to come soon). More information about the indexed chess games (in total 9605866) will be provided later.

Preparing for Tournaments is extensively used by players of all strengths for tournament games preparation. Recent evaluation of our traffic have indicated that more than 40% of all players and coaches used Chess-DB to prepare for their games on the European Youth Chess Championship 2013, and over thousand unique users/devices used Chess-DB every day from Al-Ain, UAE, during the World Youth Chess Championship.

WYCC 2013

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