Chess Profiles Photos & Biographical Data

This is a short FAQ document covering most of the questions that come about photo thumbnails or biographical data. If you have questions outside of what is covered in this FAQ please let us know by e-mailing us at and give us some time to come back to you.

Q: Where do you get all those photos?

A: All photos are found through searching and indexing the internet. Once one or more photos are linked to a chess player profile they get indexed and then displayed in it. The original photo is never stored on our servers (in some cases in order to reduce the load on the servers hosting the photo we might cache a thumbnail on our servers). The orginal photo is then embedded as source of the thumbnail being displayed (And the original source is just the link behind that. On most browsers one of both right mouse click/copy image URL or hover your mouse over the thumbnail will show you the actual photo or the original source). We would be working further to make the source of the original photo even more transparent to our users.

Q: The picture is wrong, can you put a better one?

A: For most chess profiles the displayed thumbnail is just an automatic search result using the official Google APIs and quering Thus the result (and the pictures displayed) will not be more accurate compared to if you go to directly and then type your name in there. Such search queries are sometimes returning incorrect results, which in some cases might even be offensive. In such cases you can consider the following options. First, you can use the small green round button below the thumbnail to submit a link to another (better) picture. We are looking into those submissions manually and accepting/rejecting them almost daily. Once you submit a better link to a photo it would take only few days until this is reflected. The second option, if you cannot find a good picture in the internet, is to submit us a picture by e-mail. In this case, please make sure that you are the copyright owner of this picture, and that by submitting it to us you give us the rights to host and display this picture (and modifications of it) on our servers.

Q: How can I remove wrong pictures?

A: By using the red "x" button under the thumbnail one can report to us that a picture is wrong. Once enough users report certain picture we would review those and take actions. If you instead submit a link to a better picture (see the previous question) then this new photo will replace the complete set of picture links obtained by automatically crawling the web. Please understand that we cannot "remove" a picture that exists about you in the internet (Those pictures are hosted on websites to which we are not associated with, and you have to work with those sites' webmasters to remove them), the most we can do is stop linking the thumbnail of those photos on our website.

Q: The Biographical data in a chess profile is wrong, how can I change it?

A: There is no self-service to change or propose changes to biographical data. The biographical data in the chess profiles is double-checked with official sources (FIDE, or the country chess federations) thus if any data being displayed is incorrect you need to solve this with the original source of the error (And note that this is much more important, because such data might be replicated to many more places than just For example in Wikipedia, or any other chess website which organizes chess player information). All of the chess profiles are algorithmically constructed, and as such they might contain errors, not reflect a real person, or misinterpret a person. You can always post a comment to clarify something for a given chess profile using the regular website means, or for custom inquiries or to help you temporary correct the data until you fix that with the official sources you can contact us at

Q: The chess games in the profile are incorrect, I did not played them

A: That could happen, and it could happen more often than other type of errors. Our algorithmic matching of games to profiles use various matching criteria, but in some cases it could be as basic as just matching by the string given as "white" or "black" in a chess game record. Thus, it could (and it does) happen that a single chess profile might be mixing up games from more than one chess player. We continuously try to reduce such cases by implementing more clever algorithmic matching criteria but this is ongoing process. We would be happy if you leave a comment to a profile when you believe games are mixed up - both as a hint to us and to other users of the website.