Stockfish Top Choice Percentage

    The "Stockfish First Line" metric shows how often (as a percentage) a chess player picks the top choice of Stockfish, one of the world's leading chess engines. The metric is calculated over the last 100 games of the player, where:
  • Blitz/Rapid events are skipped.
  • The analysis of each game starts at move 12 (Thus opening moves that might just come out of theory are not evaluated).
  • Moves where both the move played and the move suggested by the computer had an evaluation outside the interval [-2.00, 2.00], are discarded. (In clearly won positions players are tempted to play a simple safe move instead of a stronger, but risky one. Such "inferior" moves are, from a practical viewpoint, perfectly justified. Similarly, in lost positions players sometimes deliberately play an objectively worse move)
  • The "Stockfish First Line" percentage is the total number of moves where the engine first choice was played by the player divided by the total numbers of evaluated moves for this player.

Request a Calculation

    This metric is continiously being calculated with selected by us order of the chess profiles. If you are supporting member you can schedule with priority calculation for the profiles you choose, as well as have the full details behind the calculations, i.e. the log of all chess games and moves that were evaluated (including the engine top choice). See how to become supporting member here.

Stockfish First Choice Ranklist

The lists below ranks the top players (active players only) by their percentage match to Stockfish first line choice. More is coming soon.

1.Yi Wei   China  2729  61.41%
2.Chao B Li   China  2715  61.23%
3.Maxime Vachier-Lagrave   France  2779  61.09%
4.Peter Svidler   Russia  2753  59.72%
5.Alexei Shirov   Spain  2637  59.62%
6.Sergei Rublevsky   Russia  2652  59.43%
7.Wesley So   USA  2780  59.35%
8.Robert Kempinski   Poland  2576  59.12%
9.Samuel Shankland   USA  2727  59.0%
10.Michael Adams   England  2706  58.96%
11.Vladimir Kramnik   Russia  2792  58.95%
12.David Navara   Czech Republic  2741  58.82%
13.Magnus Carlsen   Norway  2842  58.81%
14.Ray Robson   USA  2670  58.72%
15.Sergey Karjakin   Russia  2773  58.64%
16.Shakhriyar Mamedyarov   Azerbaijan  2801  58.53%
17.Andriy Vovk   Ukraine  2624  58.49%
18.Andrei Volokitin   Ukraine  2634  58.39%
19.Hua Ni   China  2674  58.38%
20.Markus Ragger   Austria  2685  58.34%
1.Thanh Trang Hoang   Hungary  2423  57.26%
2.Yifan Hou   China  2658  56.24%
3.Antoaneta Stefanova   FIDE  2490  56.08%
4.Wenjun Ju   China  2568  55.74%
5.Zhongyi Tan   China  2524  55.69%
6.Elina Danielian   Armenia  2412  55.64%
7.Irina Krush   USA  2422  55.26%
8.Alisa Galliamova   Russia  2422  55.08%
9.Marie Sebag   France  2480  54.65%
10.Lela Javakhishvili   Georgia  2475  54.62%
11.Anna Muzychuk   Ukraine  2564  54.47%
12.Valentina Gunina   Russia  2527  54.16%
13.Xue Zhao   China  2478  54.02%
14.Dronavalli Harika   India  2494  53.93%
15.Aleksandra Goryachkina   Russia  2509  53.77%
16.Nino Batsiashvili   Georgia  2492  53.73%
17.Mariya Muzychuk   Ukraine  2521  53.08%
18.Natalia Zhukova   Ukraine  2380  52.68%
19.Elisabeth Paehtz   Germany  2489  52.39%
20.Kateryna Lagno   Russia  2556  52.23%