Viktor Korchnoi  vs.  Magnus Carlsen
(Switzerland, 2601 )    1 - 0    (Norway, 2581 )
Event: Smartfish Masters, 2004.12.29, English (A16)

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   The opening played in this game is English (ECO: A16), established by the moves 1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3. This is the most frequently played parent class opening by Viktor Korchnoi, used in more than 28% of his games. The A16 is the sixth most frequently played parent class opening by Magnus Carlsen, used in more than 6% of his games.

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    Analysis is not available - this game has reached endgame but currently we only analyse endgames with less than 6 pieces left, while in the current one there are 13 pieces left.

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