Dusko Paradjina  vs.  Kristijan Bralo
(Croatia, 1888 )    1/2 - 1/2    (Croatia, 1654 )
Event: 3rd Dubrovnik Croatia, League South, 2013.10.26, Queen Knight, French (C00)

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   The opening played in this game is Queen Knight, French (ECO: C00), established by the moves 1.e4 e6 2.Nc3. This is the forth most frequently played parent class opening by Dusko Paradjina, used in more than 9% of his games. The C00 is the most frequently played parent class opening by Kristijan Bralo, used in more than 33% of his games.

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This game has not reached the endgame (the
material valuation
at the last move is 50 with 24 pieces left on the board).

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The game has not been analyzed yet. Expected time (minutes) for the analyzis to be ready: 2900.
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