Marc Narciso Dublan  vs.  Lisa Schut
(Spain, 2553 )    0 - 1    (Netherlands, 2212 )
Event: 27th Andorra Open, 2009.07.21, Closed, Chigorin Variation, Sicilian (B23)

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   The opening played in this game is Closed, Chigorin Variation, Sicilian (ECO: B23), established by the moves 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3. This is the second most frequently played parent class opening by Marc Narciso Dublan, used in more than 17% of his games. The B23 is the most frequently played parent class opening by Lisa Schut, used in more than 59% of her games.

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    Analysis is not available - this game has reached endgame but currently we only analyse endgames with less than 6 pieces left, while in the current one there are 11 pieces left.

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