Supporting Members

Thousands of chess players enjoy Chess-DB every day, for free. And we enjoy making the site even more unique and useful for you. We generally would like to keep the site free for everybody, but we have some cost of running the website and those costs gets especially higher for some of the advanced functions that we provide. You can support our efforts by making a small donation, and enjoy several special and exclusive features as a result of this.

How to become a supporting member?

If you donate 9€ or more your account will be upgraded to supporting member for a period of six months.
If you donate 25€ or more your account will be upgraded for a period of two years. You can make your donation here.

Special and exclusive features for supporting members:

No Ads
Supporting members enjoy ads-free browsing of all pages. Once you upgrade you won't see anymore ads anywhere on our website.

Skype Us
Supporting members can get in touch with us by skype chat. You'll be able to chat with one of the creators of, give feedback or ask for features that you were always missing.

Bulk downloads
You can download predefined game collections as one big ZIP file, as well as weekly/monthly game updates as single ZIP (see more here). Bulk download is also enabled in the tournament preparation and other tools (download all games as single PGN for all listed players).

E-mail Notifications
You can subscribe to any chess player profile or chess position and receive e-mail notifications every time a new game is played by the selected player or in the selected position.

Unlimited Quotas
You have no restrictions for the number of PGN collections you can upload, size of the PGN files, the number of individual games, or in any other of our tools that we provide (e.g. number of players in TPrep/TPerf tools and others).

Game and Priority Analysis
  • Games that you upload or view and which have not yet been analysed are scheduled for analysis with priority, thus reducing to minimum your wait time for this.
  • Similar games feature does deeper analysis over extended database to provide you with better results for the best match/most similar games to the one you are looking at.

    Stockfish first choice
    If you are a supporting member you can schedule with priority calculation of metrics (e.g. Stockfish first line analysis) for profiles you choose, as well as have the full details behind the calculations (in the Stockfish top choice example this would be e.g. games and moves that were evaluated).

    Quality of Play
    Additional features related to quality of play index are available to supporting members:
  • Top 100 ranklist, plus several query customization options on the ranklist.
  • Ability to see full details about the QoP calculations for each game.

    Chess-DB rare database
    This is our database of rare chess games, i.e. such that are either hardly available elsewhere on the web, or are available exclusively only on We use various sources to compile our exclusive database, for example: rare chess books and magazines, video-recorded chess games, scoresheets, personal databases and others.
    Note: Chess-DB rare database is currently in early testing and only very little games are published in the chess-db rare database.

  • For questions or feedback e-mail us using this form.