Ranklist by Play Quality Index

Read more about Play Quality Index. Only players with at least 15 evaluated games have been taken in the ranklist.
Caution: This ranklist and the player quality index method has not been designed to catch/indicate cheating. The method is not as theoretically solid as for example the one that has been developed by Prof. Keneth Regan for the FIDE Anti-Cheating commission. The fact that (over) 15 games have been evaluated and they show high or low similarity to engine choices means nothing as a fact by itself if not put into strict statistical frames and evaluated under the most stable test conditions. Also, even in strict statistical conditions (which is not the case here) the evidence that a player has high similarity to engine play does not mean he is cheating, it could just indicate a more computer like playing style, better home preparation, and so on. Additionally, despite that we have analyzed over 100,000 games on the pool of players that have more than 15 analysed games is not that big: many players with possibly higher QoP index are not yet taken in the ranklist. Finally, for players with similar ELO rating/strength there is a reasonable variance in QoP index, having engine-like style is often something to be proud of than feel suspicious about it.

Top 15 ranklist
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1.Florin Gheorghiu   Romania   2375   92.29%
2.Jose Raul Capablanca   Cuba   2321   92.03%
3.Qun Ma   China   2645   91.2%
4.Matthew D Sadler   England   2690   91.17%
5.Miodrag R Savic   Serbia   2505   90.94%
6.Jonathan Hawkins   England   2592   90.93%
7.Bart Michiels   Belgium   2554   90.91%
8.Yinglun Xu   China   2538   90.79%
9.Zbynek Hracek   Czech Republic   2583   90.74%
10.Miroslaw Grabarczyk   Poland   2407   90.64%
11.Alexander Chernin   Hungary   2614   90.62%
12.Radi Danov   FIDE   2358   90.61%
13.Vasil Spasov   FIDE   2491   90.56%
14.Sergei Tiviakov   Netherlands   2569   90.56%
15.Eckhard Schmittdiel   Germany   2433   90.5%

Rank of FIDE top players (ELO 2750+)

66.Wesley So   USA   2799   89.26%
123.Anish Giri   Netherlands   2777   88.33%
151.Maxime Vachier-Lagrave   France   2793   88.1%
154.Peter Svidler   Russia   2760   88.07%
156.Liren Ding   China   2769   88.02%
213.Levon Aronian   Armenia   2797   87.62%
221.Viswanathan Anand   India   2779   87.57%
265.Yangyi Yu   China   2760   87.29%
276.Hikaru Nakamura   USA   2781   87.25%
283.Sergey Karjakin   Russia   2763   87.19%
300.Magnus Carlsen   Norway   2843   87.1%
339.Robert James Fischer   USA   2785   86.96%
372.Fabiano Caruana   USA   2784   86.81%
447.Ian Nepomniachtchi   Russia   2751   86.41%
482.Shakhriyar Mamedyarov   Azerbaijan   2814   86.23%
498.Alexander Grischuk   Russia   2767   86.15%