24th Croatian Team Championship- IV. League South 4-5 (2015)

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CountryCroatia fed
Date2015, May 17th
 RankComing soon.
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Only players with Chess-DB profiles are shown in the list. ELO and other data are players' actual data, not the one at the time of the tournament.

#IDNameTitleFedEloNElo BornGClub/City#Trns
014507889Dario Bezmalinovic fed214101981 -21
114505584Zlatko Batarelo fed209201977 -17
2643637Antoine Baret fed204801981 -50
314512211Branko Vasiljevic fed202401957 -18
414515881Josip Kustura fed200101970 -18
514559030Stipe Celic fed199101992 -6
614515946Zeljko Totic fed195718931964 Sk Knin, Knin21
714528851Ilija Delic fed194801935 -14
814513269Roko Brzic fed193419611984 -27
914514621Roko Kraljevic fed191301991 -16
1014513943Anto Sliskovic fed190020701959 -13
1114515857Filip Delac fed188301990 -16
1214527235Milivoj Novak fed187301951 Splitska25
1314544970Petar Vucic fed186201959 -10
1414516993Franino Andromak fed184101966 -54
1514518430Goran Sikimic fed183301990 -13
1614517124Goran Kozic fed182518071975 -33
1714544938Ivan Kovacevic fed180701949 -8
1814549786Jakov Labrovic fed180601983 -10
1914510650Slobodan Erceg fed180501953 -33
2014506564Irena Filipovic fed180001956 -21
2114514087Mladen Matas fed179319331960 -46
2214546019Tomislav Pavic fed178701957 -7
2314544962Sasa Tadinac fed176101966 -14
2414513889Ante Krpeta fed175418091960 -27
2514557851Sandro Ligutic fed175401973 -5
2614542358Igor Vukovic fed175101987 -12
2714512696Jakov Grbesa fed174901953 -17
2814518066Marko Martinic fed174601974 -11
2914527243Pero Duvnjak fed173916061962 SK Memmingen 190712
3014548682Darko Kovacic fed173701975 -7
3114532700Kristijan Bralo fed173218221995 -31
3214517094Boris Juric fed172716021974 -40
3314544920Mateo Juric fed172601985 -11
3414517132Tomislav Kurtov fed172017611941 -24
3514546027Ivan Pavicic fed171301990 -9
3614548658Branko Bakija fed170001969 -7
3714544890Stjepan Galic fed168201946 -7
3814518660Zdravko Vuckov fed167601949 -24
3914544903Vinko Grabic fed167301961 -9
4014517140Miroslav Marinkovic fed165816561964 -40
4114519950Krste Govic fed163301978 -24
4214560100Ante Milosevic-Bilusic fed161901990 -4
4314519968Ljubomir Govic fed155901955 -26
4414548739Igor Lukic fed153701977 -7
4514546000Roko Govic fed150301974 -10
4614517183Milan-Max Vulin fed149716431971 -18
4714544873Mijo Bogdanovic fed001932 -4
4814548674Antonija Kovacic fed002004 -7
4914548690Josip Kovacic fed001998 -7
5014548704Julian Kovacic fed002000 -7
5114548712Tatjana Kovacic fed001978 -7
5214548720Valentina Kovacic fed002007 -7
5314548747Ivica Martic fed001964 -6
5414548755Ivan Pensa fed001961 -7
5514548763Ivan Radanovic fed001961 -7
5614556812Ivan Kvartuc fed001991 -5


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24th Croatian Team Championship- IV. League South 3     Circuito BLZ Florianopolis - 1a Etapa