Norway Chess (2015)

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CountryNorway fed
Date2015, June 16th
 RankComing soon.
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Only players with Chess-DB profiles are shown in the list. ELO and other data are players' actual data, not the one at the time of the tournament.

#IDNameTitleFedEloNElo BornGClub/City#Trns
01503014Magnus Carlsen GMfed284228351990 OSG Baden-Baden230
12020009Fabiano Caruana GMfed282228621992 -987
224116068Anish Giri GMfed278227861994 Schachgesellschaft Solin238
3623539Maxime Vachier-Lagrave GMfed277927611990 OSG Baden-Baden289
42016192Hikaru Nakamura GMfed277728801987 Missouri204
55000017Viswanathan Anand GMfed276827541969 OSG Baden-Baden145
613300474Levon Aronian GMfed276727501982 OSG Baden-Baden223
74126025Alexander Grischuk GMfed276626841983 -158
82900084Veselin Topalov GMfed274726901975 -83
91503707Jon Ludvig Hammer GMfed263126871990 -211


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