Axis Bank Future Champs Girls Chess Championship (2011)

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CountryIndia fed
Date2011, June 4th
 RankComing soon.
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Only players with Chess-DB profiles are shown in the list. ELO and other data are players' actual data, not the one at the time of the tournament.

#IDNameTitleFedEloNElo BornGClub/City#Trns
025016938Potluri Saye Srreezza fed199301999 -70
125027654T Vigna Shree fed138401998 -26
225048864Natura Bethi fed135702005 -26
325042270Haritha B fed124502001 -13
435043463Shreya fed112001999 Davanagere13
525048686Amulya Kondai fed002004 -8
625072102Bhargavi K fed001997 -3
725097423Ishanika Gulzar fed002005 -3
87000071203Kandi Aagnya fed00- -2
97000071204Anjali B Pooja fed00- -1
107000071205Reddy N G Rithika fed00- -1
117000071206Safia Sulthana Shaik fed00- -1
127000071207Psl Tripura fed00- -1
137000071208Lakshmi Anisetti Vijaya fed00- -1
147000106485Manisha Chowdary M fed00- -4


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Axis Bank Future Champs Boys Chess Championship     2nd TORNEIO DE RATING INTERNACIONAL CXG CONVERGENCIA