Championship CC Petar Sedlar-Pepe for (2014)

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CountryCroatia fed
CityKastel Novi 
Date2014, January 26th
 RankComing soon.
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Only players with Chess-DB profiles are shown in the list. ELO and other data are players' actual data, not the one at the time of the tournament.

#IDNameTitleFedEloNElo BornGClub/City#Trns
014518635Ivan Vrankovic fed211519711997 -74
114505835Ivica Brkic fed208801961 -106
214512734Ante Maras fed207920641965 -39
314501554Igor Brunski fed204501946 -30
414501643Ratomir Bradaric fed202020661941 -67
514523337Branko Bulicic fed202001965 -31
614513307Ivan Gelo fed195101948 -37
714510120Ante Bilus-Gagic fed190419571942 Sk Petar Sedlar-Pepe, Kas59
814527235Milivoj Novak fed186401951 Splitska25
914516993Franino Andromak fed183601966 -54
1014510650Slobodan Erceg fed179501953 -33
1114536994Stjepan Gudelj fed174301980 -9
1214512696Jakov Grbesa fed174201953 -17
1314527243Pero Duvnjak fed173916061962 SK Memmingen 190712
1414532700Kristijan Bralo fed173218221995 -31
1514527251Radomir Raskovic fed163201955 -9
1614544709Kristijan Bogic fed157001997 -6
1714523426Tomo Kruzic fed001943 -6


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